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May 01, 2013


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Mria Naylor

Very commendable what is being done with street lighting in Halewoood at present. However, surely the workmen should knock at peoples doors to ensure they will NOT BE GOING OUT IN THEIR CARS, before they PARK ACROSS THE DRIVEWAYS. I had 3 days when they parked across my drive, but managed to get out later in the day, on the occasion they did not park across my driveway I went out to an appointment, and would you believe it, they were working across my driveway and I could not get back in. I eventually had to drive over a ramp,later in the day, and it was sheer luck that I did not hit the barrier they had placed on either side of the huge "trench" they had dug. I was told that it would be filled in, I thought they meant the same day. On the Saturday morning a gentleman from SSE slightly moved the barrier to enable me to get out of my drive safely without damaging my car. No consideration to householders on this occasion. Please take steps to prevent this happening to someone else. I am 71 years of age. 01514870011.


Almost perpetual daylight means that children of probably 8 - 10 years old play kick-ball outside of my house till 11 o'clock at night. My own sleep is disrupted by the light. This does not seem conducive to the aims of healthy communities although it does help to train our youngsters in 24 hour living and consumerism. This is presumably how it will 'benefit' them.

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