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September 04, 2013


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Pedro Mugabe

I know Griffiths and her family. Dreadful people! I hope they're having to repay what they've stolen? I have to drag myself to a crappy under paid job every day while they sit on their a---s watching Jeremy Kyle. They should have been dealt with more severely.


You obviously don't know Stephanie Griffiths or her family, because if you did you would realise they are upstanding, hardworking people!
Also, they put narrow minded cowards like you in the shade! Especially as you are not brave enough to put your real name when you make such disparaging comments about something you are too ignorant to understand! Idiot!,

Pedro Mugabe

I'm an Ignorant idiot! 'A'. Lets deal with your response one point at at time. They're upstanding? Screwing the system out of thousands of pounds, stealing the tax I pay to because they want to. Thats really something to be proud of, don't you agree? Hardworking! Well we both know thats crap! You're obviously as brave 'A'! What's your name? What else is there to understand? You're obviously her mother or someone who lives near them. You're probably as upstanding as them. And the best thing is you've just let everyone else know your standards are exactly the same. So all the people you've tried to impress with your clever comments now know that. You obviously don't work either if you've got time to post comments at 06.17am. See you at the dole! PM. P.S. It IS my real name.

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