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July 27, 2007


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david kennedy


can you give me the detailed questions of the poll conducted on behalf of Mr Howarth by ICM?

Thank you.

eric turner

there must be a railway station directly at the new ground. Lansdowne Road in Dublin and Telstra Stadium in sydney have this and access is perfect.

J Drummond

It would seem that "51%" can not be taken as clear, majority support if 49% are "against." Can you show me details of the questions asked at the poll so I can make up my own mind?
It seems a sample of 500 land-line phonecalls in a town with over 80 times that number of residents would be far from conclusive in deeming what is definitive of the opinions of local people.
With thanks.

J Drummond

Am intrigued that, on browsing the ICM website of the research company engaged by Mr Howarth, it is stated, "ICM is a full-service consultancy that specialises in behavioural & opinion research and analysis for retail sector clients who include:

Leading High Street players


Major shopping centres"

Tesco is listed as one of these significant clients.

Tim Stratford

A careful reading of the ICM poll data reveals the following points that you should bear in mind:
1) Despite what the Liverpool Echo says, ICM state that the poll was not a survey of Kirkby residents but of people "in and around the town the Kirkby". The methodology used means this includes business owners, employees, visitors and people resident in neighbouring communities.
2) 424 (15%) people were not aware of plans to develop Kirkby Town Centre and yet 482 (96%) were aware that "the proposals included plans to build a new stadium for Everton Football Club". This suggests that the interviewer must have led the resondents to some extent.
Reports of this poll must be treated with some scepticism.

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