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February 27, 2008


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Tracy Cullen

Shame he wasn't protecting sick and vulnerable people in hospital from sick PR companies.
Representatives of a company promoting the Everton/Tesco move to Kirkby were caught yesterday collecting signatures for the move in
Fazakerley Hospital. (!!!!)
We used to associate "sleaze" campaigns with the Torys.
Now it appears the people of Liverpool need to associate "sleaze" campaigns with other kinds of Blue-stripe.
That really is a cheap, "blue-stripe" PR campaign. How low can you go to get support for a campaign that is clearly left on the shelf?

Apparently they didn't get a single signature, which just goes to prove that even sick and vulnerable people are not going to buy that
the current Everton/Tesco plans are a good thing for anyone, Blue or not.

If you are an Evertonian, I am so sorry that you have to watch your club and its business partners behaving in such a sleazy way. It must
upset you too. If you are a Kirkby resident, I am so sorry that you are being treated in such a despicable way by these companies. I can understand why you are angry.

Come on Mr Howarth of Kirkby. Let's see you stand up against this kind of sleaze for your constituents.
Tracy Cullen

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