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May 18, 2010


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As a former foster carer i can see why there is a shortage of carers.
The social workers are liars and will not inform prospective carers as to how little support they will receive despite all their initial promises.
If you complain about things you will likely be hauled up in front of a panel for an early review and be de-registered.
It will not matter how well you prepare yourself for the panel because the social workers will have been in colusion with the panel members and will turn everything against you.
You will be treated terribly and go through a living hell as well as losing just about everything you have--the kids, your career, and as well as your mental wellbeing.
It seems that if the social workers make an case against you and you argue back with them--you are seen to be unable to work as part of a team.
They are hypocrites beyond belief and they do not care an ounce about the children in their care.
They are happy for them to be passed around the system like little files and no matter how well a child has been in placement, that will not matter in the slightest if these people decide you are no longer in their favour.
Don't believe a word about the benefits of fostering. You stand to lose a lot more and have your life totally ruined by the social work.


..either fostering or adopting childern is a great help to need kids and their families

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