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September 30, 2010


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This would be a great idea if there were job vacancies forthcoming from the project, but I have yet to see any vacancies advertised for the unemployed only.


I totally agree with Dave, I have yet to see any job vacancies advertised.

Seems to me KMBC can create press releases whereby everything looks fine and dandy, but there is no substance to any of it!


A response from KHT on 7th Dec 2010 as follows,

"KHT Hi Paul, thanks for your comment.

This is a scheme very much in development and at an early stage, so there is no opportunity as of yet to apply. However we will advertise it here and on our website as soon as we can.



What a palaver, two years later and apparently TWO unemployed people got jobs, yes TWO!

Blogging jobs

It was really a big opportunity for those who doesn't still have jobs so they shouldn't miss this chance.

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